Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bailey Bridge at Sg. Jebungan, Agal-Kg. Tabo Road, Mukah


j-free said...

last time i had trip to this area kampung and get an idea for my final project... i had been passed this old bridge .. at the same time, a new idea come out my mind to do investigate the bridge and propose to upgrade to concrete bridge. At that time i'm scare i can't hand up this topic so i cancer this idea. this picture let me rememories the idea... thankss to publised it to sharing

Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

Dear j-free,

Thanks for visit my blog and provide some comments.

This bridge will be upgraded to a R. C. Permanent Bridge soonest. Expected to be completed within 24 months. Benefit to local kampung folks.

Where are you now? Dah pakai topi "papey" mean gah konvokah? Gan local Ü ka au belajar?

j-free said...

haha .... i'm now stanby to go national servics. hehe no yet konvo lolz maybe oct will infom the certain date lolz ..... i'm planning to manage my dad project after settled the NS ... and i'll give me 1 year period to applying local U and at the same time i get Exp through my dad lolz .... that is my planning lolz ... hehhe if one year period i can't enter local U... maybe i'll consider for private U