Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nice View Of Ring Beam Inside Masjid Setia Raja Mukah, Mukah

I felt proud to be contributed my engineering knowledge/conditination for the design of installation l one no. Chandelier at Masjid Setia Raja Mukah, Mukah


Gold Arawana said...


Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

Thanks and you are always welcome.

Nothing is impossible if there is a will. As an engineer you can design as you want, provided is Cepat , Ekonomi dan Berkualiti.

Sesuai dengan motto as "An Honour To Serve"


翱翔 said...

How come dia orang terima non muslim's design? Normally non muslim is not allowed going into the mosque too right?

jingpengboy said...

a non-muslim can enter a mosque if he or she follows the rules (like for girls, they have to cover their 'aurat'). sarawakians have more perpaduan and we mix a lot. it's good.

fyi, brunei's floating mosque was designed by a catholic italian architect.


翱翔 said...

Oh I see. I never go into mosque before as my muslim friend tak boleh~~

Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...


We just share our engineering knowledge.

Can enter the mosque for official work otherwise....


Thanks for your visiting and your nice comment.

I like your blog too so may i seek for your permission to have a blogger link.