Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Suns On 21th June 2010

21st June - the Whole World is waiting for............. Star Aderoid will be the brightest in the sky, starting 10 June. It will look as large as the sun from naked eye. This will culminate on 21stjune when the star comes within 34.65M miles of the earth. Be sure to watch the sky on june. 21 at 12:30 pm. It will look like the earth has 2 suns.!!
The next time Aderoid may come this close is in 2287


ninieZUERYANNIE said...

oo terlepas & how come i didnt know abt dis!

Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...


Kena kita sik taok,kerana semua orang sibuk pada masa itu. Member i yang email kat i.

Anyway thaks for your comment inside my blog.

Kita ada selalu baca suratkhabarkah? Kamek kadang kala baca suratkhabar lagi pun tidak ada masa mahu dengar radio ataupun tonton TV.


ninieZUERYANNIE said...

wohh really 'sentap' with ur comment! hihiii.. yea laa.. watching world cup all times.. dat's y..

ya, i like bloghopping.. ask minjo to update his blog.. & if possible, DE too.. hihiihiii..

Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

kini tok ramai yang main facebook.

That why aktiviti untuk blogging semakin kurang bagi mereka.

Kamek lebih suka blogging daripada facebook. Cuma ada pegi view tapi malas mahu comment apa-apa...