Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Coffee Beam at Kuching International Airport


jingpengboy said...

You must try the drink 'Ultimate' at Coffee Bean. That's what I always order, large one so that it's worth the money. However, it is creamy and sweet, a mixture of coffee and chocolate (mocha) suitable for youngsters. Just like Javachip for Starbucks or twister for Dome Coffee. Yummy but it burns a hole in your pocket. Once a while should be okay though. =)

jingpengboy said...

all those drinks mentioned are ice blended ones. For all the drinks here, you can opt for low fat milk, soy milk, modify your own drinks. =)

Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...

Thanks Jingpengboy for visiting my blog and did your comment.Appreciated!

Be honest to you, i can not effort to drink with sweet drink due to my glucose level is in border line.

You are young man food and drink also need to be control,tq

jingpengboy said...

yes i agree. those are for youngsters only.

Regular glucose monitoring or check up is vital. DM affects everything eyes, heart (heart attack, brain (stroke),

taking less rice (carbo), lose weight and increase exercise.

Taking nestum.oats with milk(low fat) will be good for breakfast.

Malaysians have been eating too much oily food and too much carbohydrates hence the high incidence of diabetes mellitus and heart disease.

We should adopt some 'Lifestyle changes' like reducing rice/noodle intake, increasing exercise (stimulates cells to take up glucose from blood).

Address those reversible risk factors like smoking, alcohol, hypertension, dm, body weight (BMI 18.5-21) 23 is for caucasians.

Non-modifiable risk factors are like advancing age & genetics.

Diabetes also affects the younger generation nowadays.

We all have to control our eating habit etc since BIRTH.

Toh Chee Leong's Collections said...


Thanks for your concern about my healthy.

Yes, is true.Need to be control food, drink and exercise more.